Why a Blog?

This is a hard one to answer. It’s a very bizarre feeling to research best ways to start a blog, brainstorm domain names, and think “literally no one needs more opinions on the internet”. But here we are.

When I was in college I had been asked out to go on a fancy date with a gentleman caller. Weeks before the big night, I was away with my mom and a bunch of her gal pals at a girls weekend. Knowing about the date, one lady had brought a very nice black dress for me to try on and the condo erupted with excitement for me to try it on and then show them what it looked like. 

I was terrified. Thinking of it 15 years later still sends a tight-chested feeling.

What if it didn’t fit? What if I looked ridiculous? What if I didn’t like it? What if they didn’t like me in it? 

I locked myself in the bathroom and called my friend. “What do I do?!” I asked. “You try on the dress and get over it. It’s a dress. Don’t overthink it.” And she was right. So with a tight grip on the door handle and closed eyes, I walked out of that bathroom in that black dress and surprisingly lived to tell about it.

Launching a blog feels a lot like that moment. I don’t know enough to be any “voice” but I hope to have resources that are helpful.

When I began teaching a women’s Sunday School class, one of the objectives was to provide solid resources for my ladies so that they could “train the powers of their discernment in constant practice” (Hebrews 5:14). We live in a world where heretics and saints occupy the same book shelf and the same stage at a conference. 

As the class began to compile helpful resources it was evident we needed places to share the things that helped us so that we could help others. So, that’s what brings us to today. Should you tarry here, I hope it’s helpful, encouraging and edifying.

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