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Why I Reject the National Day of Prayer

“It’s prayer…what could be so wrong about a community coming together to pray?” I was asked if I would be joining my local National Day of Prayer event that happens every year about this time. I would venture to guess everyone in America has started seeing ads, social media teaser posts and event invites to…

Summertime, camp songs and eternal impressions

I love summertime. To be fair, I love every season we get in the beloved Ozarks, but I especially love this time of year. Maybe it’s in part from remembering the carefree feelings of my youth, but I love playing in the water (lake, ocean, creek, sprinkler, you name it), cooking outside, longer days, and…

The Power of a Godly Mother Series | The Power of Her Prayers (Part 3 of 3)

I’m a history nerd so it should be of no surprise that this final part of the series won’t start in 1961 with the birth of my mom, but rather 1836. That’s the year that George Müller began his orphan ministry in Bristol, England.  If you asked any preacher or evangelical reader (worth their salt)…

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